• Définition de la négociation

  • Définition de la négociation

  • Définition de la négociation

  • Définition de la négociation

Negotiation test

Faites notre quizz de négociation. Apprenez à mieux connaître votre niveau de compétences actuel en faisant notre mini test.

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  • When are EU Citizens Bargaining Chips? When They Are!

    This isn’t going to be popular; to write it – even to think it - sticks in my throat as it offends against my innate sense of fair play and good will to all people, but there really are times when I want to take our elected representatives to one side and slap them about the face. They pontificate and they grandstand; they puff themselves up into rice krispies of righteous indignation; they adopt their “holier than thou” positions; they occasionally demonstrate a frightening lack of common sense and commercial nous and, at the same time, they would have us weaken our position in future negotiations.

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  • Stand-off in the Aisles

    What do Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Pot Noodles, Persil, Dove soap and Marmite have in common? They are all made by Unilever. What does Unilever and Tesco have in common? Dave Lewis, Tesco’s current boss, spent most of his career at Unilever before being poached by Tesco. What does all of this have to do with negotiating? Well, having been in a stand-off that threatened to damage both parties, heads were banged together on Thursday 13 October and a deal was done. We at Scotwork have constantly maintained that external factors are the most common cause of the kinds of conflicts that need negotiated solutions and what happened between Tesco and Unilever is a classic example. External factors do not come much bigger than Brexit...

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  • "L'une des leçons apprises m'a aidé face à un homme armé d'un AK 47 de la milice serbe à un barrage routier pendant le conflit bosniaque"Michael Kelly, DebenhamsLire plus de témoignages
  • "La structure et le contenu des différentes étapes qui composent le processus vous poussent également dans des zones que vous n'alliez pas avant - l'expérience a été très enrichissante"Colm Ahern - Technical Services Manager, LVMHLire plus de témoignages
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