• Définition de la négociation

  • Définition de la négociation

  • Définition de la négociation

  • Définition de la négociation

Negotiation test

Faites notre quizz de négociation. Apprenez à mieux connaître votre niveau de compétences actuel en faisant notre mini test.

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  • Success as a Priority

    Team GB flew in to Heathrow on Tuesday morning this week, clanking with their scores of medals, on flight number BA2016, a British Airways 747 repainted with a golden nose and renamed “victoRIOus”. The best Olympic results for these Glorious Isles in over a century. To come second in the medals table is brilliant, but to be honest should not come as such a big surprise as it clearly has. I wonder if that gob-smacking surprise is just a function of typical British pessimism; we love an underdog, or understatement and one of the worst insults you can make in the UK is to tell someone they think a lot of themselves. Jason Kenny is such a dude precisely because he seems not to want to be one...

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  • A Grapple for Apple

    A recent article in The Wall Street Journal headlines “Apple’s Hard-Charging Tactics Hurt TV Expansion - In search of its new big thing, possibly TV, Apple has alienated cable providers and networks with an assertive negotiating style; ‘time is on my side’" they are saying Apparently, they’ve been in discussions with various potential media partners since 2009, with no end in sight. During this period, Apple’s demands have included things such as long term frozen monthly rate per viewer, access to selected premium channels, full ‘on demand’ seasons of hit shows, rights to a vast cloud based digital video recorder, and set top box Apple ID sign in. They haven’t quite asked for the kitchen sink yet.

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  • "La structure et le contenu des différentes étapes qui composent le processus vous poussent également dans des zones que vous n'alliez pas avant - l'expérience a été très enrichissante"Colm Ahern - Technical Services Manager, LVMHLire plus de témoignages
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